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Welcome to Blog Links. Some of the information presented here was first collected for Journal Writer. I decided to update that site and will do so in the future. This new site is an updated links page for Journal Writer and a companion site for UpdateLinks.

If you have any suggestions for the site please leave a comment. I hope you find the information useful.

Updated: Sept. 12, 2004

Contact Links

Dreambook - a free guestbook.

Free Web-based Email Services - a great listing of free email providers.

Haloscan - a popular and easy to use commenting system. - a guestbook system for journals.

TagBoard - a commenting system.

YACCS - another commenting system.

Copyright Links

Creative Commons: - offers a spectrum of rights for writer's and other artists to use.

R.I.G.H.T.S. - good information about copyright.

What is Copyright Protection?

Creative Links

imaginaries - a writers' cooperative for science fiction, fantasy and horror.

Memes List - this site has a large collection of memes.

Pieces Of You "provides weekly topics to inspire all forms of artistic expression for your diary!"

Quizilla - offers a wide variety of quizzes to take. Your answers can be added to your diary.

The Weblog of Internacular - this site will get you thinking about weird words.

Design Links

Blogtricks - neat things for your blog including a referer.

Clock - Calender - add a beautiful clock/calender to your blog. - add a clock to your blog.

Colours on the web - color theory and color matching - This is a comprehensive and informative site about colour. Make sure you "spin the colour wheel". - a site where you can make 3D text.

Daily Moon Phases - keep track of the phases of the moon.

Donna's Dollhouse - add dolls to your journal.

EZHTML - HTML for the complete beginner.

Get Hugs - ask for hugs in your blog.

Graphic Garden - this site has some pretty graphics you can use in your journal.

imood - tell your readers how you are feeling.

Portrait Illustration Maker
- make avatars and icons for your blog.

PowerPuff Portrait Studio - design your own PowerPuff Girl or Boy.

squidfingers - patterns - mood emoticons for your blog.

The Weather Pixie - keep track of the weather in your area.

Webmonkey Reference HTML Cheatsheet

Journal Hosting Links

Blogger - the host of Blog Links.

Diaryland - offers both free and paid services.

I have used both of these services and find them fun and easy to use. Many other journal hosts can be found by checking the 'Blogroot Resources' and 'Diarist.Net' links listed below.

Marketing Links


Blogs Canada


Diarist.Net Registry

Globe Listings - blog listings.

Globe of Blogs

nutz'so - offers health news, and resources for mental health consumers. There is also a listing of online journals.

Site Meter - is a counter and statistics tracker.

StatCounter – a free invisible Web tracker, and hit counter.

Technorati - monitors more than three million blogs in real time.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Miscellaneous Links

Blog Glossary

BlogRolling - "is a one-stop linklist manager for your blog or journal."

Blogroot Resources - has useful information about weblogs. - the blog genealogy site.

Diarist.Net - a comprehensive site offering information on starting an online diary. There is also a large directory where you can list your journal.

Diary Reviews - allows Diaryland members to submit their diaries for review. This provides both feedback and exposure (marketing) for your diary.

Journal Writing Resources - this site has a lot of information for journal writers. - find out what is happening with Blogger.

Truefesco – find out who is linking to your weblog.

UpdateLinks - My mental health and education links site. Some of the links will be of interest to writers.

Photoblog Links

This section lists photoblog directories and free picture hosting sites.


Flickr - a photo sharing and storage site I am experimenting with.

Fotopages - " is a resource designed to help people find all kinds of photoblogs."

Photobucket - "image hosting and online photo albums."

Privacy and Security Links

Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email Canada

Fact Sheets - Protecting Your Privacy on the Internet - information from the Privacy Commissioner of Canada

Privacy-Security (UIUC)

READ ME: A Blogger's Disclaimer - This is a good example of a disclaimer. Journal Writers can link to it from their sites.

Template Links

Pre - made templates for bloggers. The ones below are for Diaryland. Blogger templates to come.


Pieces Of You

Raging Pistachio Designs

The Template Challenge - this site lists many designers.

Writing Links

Cambridge Dictionaries Online - search for word definitions and play word games.

The Internet Grammar of English - an online course in English grammar written primarily for university undergraduates.

The UVic Writer's Guide

Write an Essay

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